Getting along for the moment...

A messy time in the junior-bounce

Fiona abandons decorum and brandishes the instrument of the cake's destruction.

Having given in to the cake, Fiona now shows some reluctantly gained marks of feasting.

Fiona is not impressed with Brendan's lack of propriety.

Realizing that digging into the cake might soil her finery, Fiona returns to an apprehensive mood.

Fiona shows some enthusiasm.

Brendan demonstrates the proper method of dealing with a birthday cake.

Fiona lets Aidan take care of the fire himself.

The heart-shaped sponge cake I made for Fiona's birthday party with the family.

Aidan has been through this before and offers his help.

Fiona ponders the flame.

Fiona wonders if she will get an explanation for this flaming cake.

My first attempt at from-scratch cupcakes did not result in something entirely stable.