Only Aidan seems to be unhappy...

The Godparents

Godmother Colleen

Fiona is baptised (sorry, it's the best angle I have - but you can see a bit of her eyebrow!)

Fiona is blessed by Fr. Kleinmann at St. Mary's, Alexandria.

Fiona is excited for her baptism tomorrow!

I couldn't help putting up a pic of the beautiful baptism cake! By the way, Whole Foods doesn't have a red icing. It ain't natural!

Great Grandma meets Fiona!

Yawn or yell? I'm going to go with yawn... she does a tremendous amount of sleeping!

Fiona has her first junior bath at home.

Fiona gets to meet Grandpa!

We think it's a great likeness. What do you think?

I finally get to meet the little one that's been kicking me for so long! (Though of course not nearly as much as she's been kicking Caitrin)

Fiona gets her baby feet all inked up.

Here the nurse brings our freshly scrubbed daughter to Caitrin in the hospital-style "baby burrito" wrap that I can't master.

Fiona gets to meet Mama face to face!