I couldn't leave Fiona out of our West Virginia photos! It's true that she didn't spend much time outside of her stroller, but she did get to appreciate the fine view from Spruce Knob under a cozy blanket. Somehow, though, I don't think she cared too much...

Fiona spends some quality time with Grandpa at Mary Jo and Tim's wedding.

Fiona gives in and is carried about in a slumber at the wedding!

May Pose 1 - Fiona is curious

May Pose 2 - Fiona scowls in annoyance

May Pose 3 - Fiona decides to cut loose

Fiona visits Muddy Creek Falls in Western Maryland! I think she's nervous...

Fiona gets an introduction to the beach!

Aidan has been fascinated with Fiona from the beginning, and is not to be distracted by the spray behind.

Fiona is posed before the marshes on the West side of Assateague.

Aidan was excited to be included in this family photo, and is showing off his "junior-clap!"

Fiona's first "solid food" is of course her very convenient baby-fist!

Aidan gave Fiona a kiss while she was crying, which helped to hold back the tears - for a bit...

This photo documents Fiona's very first trip to Penn State this past March. Though the weather was foul, she still managed to visit such notable locales as the Lion Shrine, Clem's BBQ, The Waffle Shop (West), and Mount Nittany. Considering the circumstances, she did quite well for herself!

Here's a self-portrait between wiggles for St. Patrick's Day. The kids are wearing quite appropriate clothes from their great grandma!

Fiona exercises her neck. It's hard work!

Fiona's in a peanut sort of mood.