Aidan's first St. Patrick's Day!

Play time with Uncle Vlad's bear.

Just like me, Aidan isn't ready to say goodbye to Winter.

We took Aidan to the pub after the parade. I don't know if he agrees, but Caitrin thought it was too loud.

I'm guessing this is after waking from his nap.

Enjoying sitting outside in the unseasonably warm weather.

Aidan and I at the Alexandria St. Patrick's Day Parade on 3/7/2009.

Aidan seems to be enjoying food, finally! Of course, he likes to splatter the banana mush all over, but it's progress, right?

We got to meet up with cousin Mary Francis in DC at a Chinese restaurant. Aidan made almost as much noise as the middle schoolers!

On the eve of snowboarding, Aidan tries on some goggles hoping he can go too. Nice try!

Aidan speaks!

We took Aidan back to the very spot where we got engaged! This is Bellefonte, PA, near State College. He didn't like the cold...

Relishing a Mama kiss

Taking it easy after a long day

Aidan doesn't know what to do with himself after being bundled up for a ride in his car seat. Hibernate?

Food! Yes, we're trying to feed Aidan, and he's not liking it at all. It just sits there in his mouth while he looks at us in a confused manner.

"I'd just mastered eating out of a bottle. Why are you doing this to me?"