Aidan is enveloped by a borrowed water taxi coat that we got while heading for shelter from the storm

Storm about to unleash while we're on the water taxi

Aidan on the water taxi

Aidan on the water taxi

Aidan and the dolphin

Aidan and the dolphin

Among the bubble tubes at the aquarium. He's always enjoyed this...

This present was the most exciting...

Aidan's birthday

Others have more enthusiasm for opening Aidan's presents than Aidan himself. Maybe he knows that it's clothes?

Aidan and Dad running at full speed in the bumper cars.

Aidan and Brendan at Dutch Wonderland

Aidan learns to skip stones

Sach's Covered Bridge, Gettysburg

Close quarters

At the PSU Creamery - he may look voracious, but in truth he eats almost as slowly as an Ickes

Aidan is cranky at the Corner Room - we were probably trying to get him to eat something

Fun with the Nittany Lion

Fun with the Nittany Lion

Peering cautiously over the remains of a picnic lunch

Moseying along

Making a high-speed banked turn at Dupont Circle in DC