Aidan escorts Fiona through Snowshoe's central plaza

Aidan meets a sheep - Land of Little Horses

Aidan rides a (fake) horse - Land of Little Horses

Aidan meets a horse - Land of Little Horses

Aidan meets a donkey - Land of Little Horses

This isn't anything like a quality video, so it deserves some explanation. Sometimes Aidan decides that he would like to be a frog, and consequently he hops about saying, "Ribbet!" He usually does this for only a brief bit of time and is rather camera shy too. Thus this is the best video I have of him in frog-mode, and is included for humor's sake. Naturally you'll want to watch this with sound!

Aidan really gets a kick out of painting

Aidan indicates that there are indeed fish in this tank

Aidan goes eye-to-eye with some fish

Just as much fun as last time...

Fun with reflections on Aidan's birthday trip to the Baltimore Aquarium

Aidan's 3rd birthday cupcake

Aidan in a blanket

Aidan patrols the campsite before turning in for bed.

Aidan's not interested in learning to play cards like Fiona. He just enjoys lounging in the many blankets we brought on our Summer camping trip in the mountains.