We had to save this for posterity!

Couch time!

Aidan delivers a junior smooch.

Aidan goes for a stroll with some fresh watermelon. Of course, he soon tripped, and the fruit, along with Aidan, was no longer as squeeky clean as in this pictured moment!

It's spelled "Wizzard."

Hot pursuit.

Aidan spreads the icing around.

Too much attention! There was some crying before this, and somehow the candle was blown out and turned upside down...

Conor goes in for some cake too.

The wash up!

We set out into the aftermath of a big storm, hoping to take a boat trip on the Potomac. Our neighborhood was spared, but Old Town Alexandria was a mess of downed trees! After driving around through many detours, we stopped for some pizza before taking this sunset photo behind our place.

Aidan's 2nd birthday!

He's covered with much of his lunch

We used the sprinkler to clean the chocolate off!