Aidan at the beach

Aidan on a walk in Caledonia State Park, PA

By a creek in Caledonia State Park, PA

Aidan enjoys some quality time on the local swingset. In case you don't know, he's asking if Fiona, who is in the swing just out of frame, can have a push too. Very thoughtful!

Aidan provides some valuable assistance to the microwave. He loves doing this, and especially enjoys getting the whole way to zero so he can celebrate with applause. In this case, however, he didn't have the patience. Hopefully someday I'll get the real deal on video!

An action shot during one of many laps around the Washington Monument. Notice those red cheeks - Aidan was running hard!

Aidan pauses a bit in his running about for a funny face

Aidan tries to mimic the vertigo-inducing pose of the other visitors at DC's Washington Monument

A pensive moment

With some early cherry blossoms


Sibling stroll

A geese encounter

Slide time

Aidan on a Spring snow day

St. Patrick's Day