Aidan takes a break from his frantic running about to pose for a photo in the middle of Snowshoe Village.

Aidan ponders the wide vista from the top of Snowshoe.

At Snowshoe, Aidan met a very proud West Virginian and went for a ride on a rather sweet ATV! The place is full of very kind, happy people.

Aidan shows us just how high up we are.

Aidan tries his luck on the dance floor at Mary Jo and Tim's wedding in May.

Aidan has a pensive moment the day after the wedding. Perhaps he's reflecting on his adventures from the night before? Of course, this photo was taken in a brief quiet period during an otherwise crazed game of kickball, so maybe Aidan was just taking a bit of a breather!

Aidan "hikes" the Appalachian Trail at Jewell Hollow Overlook, though in truth he ran a little bit up the trail to find some interesting sticks to play with. This was also an intensely windy day, and a place very exposed to the gusts coming out of the valley. He was completely nonplussed by all of it!

Aidan wants some ice cream! He opens wide when the spoon begins its approach...

Aidan was unleashed to explore the lakeside area at Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia.

Aidan pauses in a run across the strand at Assateague Island, Maryland.

Aidan's hair seems to take the shape of the crashing waves...

...and now his hair is blown into fantastic shapes!

On this cold beach day, Aidan fled from the surf to instead spend his time moving bits of sand from one place to another.

Aidan and I visited Shenandoah by ourselves last month. He got to do a bit of hiking on the steep Brown Mountain Trail. Here we both learned that although Aidan does fairly well on downhill sections, he would much rather continue that way, even if necessity dictates a return to the car uphill!

Aidan runs along the lake path...

...and encounters a bunch of goslings...

...the adults hissed at Aidan, scaring him away! Then they took their brood for a swim in the lake, and no further incidents occurred. Fortunately, Aidan did not seek retribution - he only sought an escape from my watchful eye so that he could get even dirtier! A bath followed shortly thereafter.

Aidan attacks the coloring book!

Here's Aidan attempting to help Aunt Colleen cut up the delicious Old Forge-style pizza at Arcaro & Genell's, during Mary Jo's grand wedding shower.

I couldn't help posting this photo of Aidan's peculiarly cute expression that seems to come only when he's got some new and exciting food in his mouth for the first time!

Aidan and Fiona are enjoying the fine air outside in their new outfits from their great grandma.

Aidan gives Fiona a fine handshake.