Black squirrels aren't the only goofy looking things roving about the lawns of the National Cathedral.

Aidan takes a break from taking in the view from the National Cathedral to pose for the camera.

Aidan attempts to down an ice cube.

All three of us had a wonderful time in State College, this time for Brighid and Dan's beautiful wedding.

It seems high time to post Aidan in his Steelers outfit, despite the fact that A: it's not football season, and B: we're not Steelers fans. Why, then, is it fitting? Brighid and Dan, his godparents and the givers of this suit, are getting married this weekend! Plus I needed a picture of him in it before he's too big, which is nearly the case...

It's a whole different kind of bubble bath! We brought a bubble gun into the tub and Aidan went a little crazy trying to bat them down.

Aidan spends quite a bit of his time with his fingers in his mouth.

Aidan tries to work the flat cap. He does it better than me!

This is what I think of your camera!

Aidan and the wife at the Potomac.

Aidan and I at the Potomac.

Getting a clean picture of a baby in a swing is hard work!

Passed out! The wife's quite happy about his new shorts and monkey shirt outfit, so she wanted me to show them off.

Aidan got to see the ocean for the very first time, on a cold, windy, and rainy day. He stared, seemingly in awe, at the rather violent breaking of the storm-driven waves. I really want to take him back when it's warm so he can hop in.

I carried Aidan up to the top of this ridge above my favorite camp site in Pennsylvania. The view over the unbroken wooded valley was, I think, impressive for us both. I hope to do some camping on top of this mountain soon!

Scary, eh? No, Aidan isn't applying 'Miracle Beard' - he's eating sweet potatoes with aplomb!

I brought Aidan down to the Potomac after work, hoping to get some photos of him by the water or in the light of the sunset. This didn't work out, though, since most of the time there was a lot of something coming from his nose or his mouth. I eventually found out that he could be distracted by playing with the tripod, which I never actually used for its designed purpose.

The wife and I are home sick, and trying to play some Mario Kart to pass the time. The glowing lights on the Wii are a natural lure for Aidan to drool on, baby-handle, and generally attempt to destroy. So, we built an "anti-baby" barrier, which Aidan tried to pass through by the sheer force of headbutting. When this didn't work, he tried to go over, which got him about halfway before the wife strengthened it with all of the remaining pillows. Aidan then gave up and tried to go around the table, but the human defenders (us) were concentrated here, so Aidan never quite made it to the Wii.

Blooming trees - a great place for mother-baby time. And the wife was able to prevent Aidan from tearing off the flowers, too!

A baby on the move. Naturally, he gets into everything!

Aidan eyes up a crying baby.

We went back to 3 Fox Vineyards to enjoy the early Spring weather. Aidan gets a kick out of playing in the grass - we just have to stop him eating it!