In a corn box, which happens to be almost the same as a sand box.

Surrounded by pumpkins!

Aidan Patrick, heavy equipment operator (at the USPTO Trademark Expo).

Aidan is happy to be along for the ride at Blackwater Falls.

Definitely an obligatory Fall photo - Aidan in a fine leaf pile, this time at beautiful Blackwater Falls State Park, WV.

Emerging with a grin

A long way down


Aidan really wants to blow it out!

Pumpkin fun


Someone has to hold up the roof...

Peak excitement!

Aidan even had an elephant ride at the PA Renaissance Faire, though he didn't appear to enjoy it...

Not much to do with the Faire, but this was simply too cute not to post!


Full-size collage

We took Aidan to Dutch Wonderland in September, and he had a grand time! Quite a few of Caitrin's childhood memories were revisited...

Aidan's happy to be atop Stony Man, though he's been here before...

He looks like he's posing for someone else's photo, doesn't he?

Aidan waits for a photo at Big Meadows in Shenandoah National Park.