Here Aidan has been caught near the bright waters of Alexandria's John Carlyle Square fountain. A more revealing picture of the fountain can be found here.

When I first started working here, this site was merely a grassy field. However, after a very long construction period, the city now has this grand public square and fountain.

Aidan spent some time exploring the grounds of Capitol Hill. He saw everything from a much lower perspective than most!

Full-size collage

Here are my favorite photos from our trip South to Asheville and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Click on a portion of the collage to see a full-size photo.

These stalwart mountaineers are atop Clingmans Dome in Great Smoky Mountains National Park!

Aidan finds himself in yet another leaf pile, this time at Virginia Tech.

Aidan shoots Caitrin a "thank you" glance for letting him play after the long drive from Alexandria.

I couldn't resist playing in the leaves myself!

Here the family is headed back home at the end of our trip to Asheville. We stopped for a vista (and a smooch) at the Tennessee border.

Aidan has crossed into a new state, and is just beginning to consolidate his conquest with this sign.

Aidan is very happy in any leaf pile. In fact, if we're walking down a leafy sidewalk, he really would just like to sit down. In this particular photo, as well as the one immediately below, Aidan is making himself at home in Alexandria's Carlyle House garden.

Here our plucky young lad is looking up as leaves begin to rain down on him.

Caitrin picked out this not-so-fierce costume for Aidan this year. He didn't do any trick or treating, but he certainly did terrorize our apartment! Let's hope he appreciates this being online when he's older...

Here Aidan is trying to determine which bouquet will win the most points with Caitrin, which will of course benefit us both!

Aidan considers how to dodge the incoming smooch.

Aidan gives in and makes Mama quite happy.

After we drove South around the blocked areas of the park, Aidan got to see some much deeper snow. Here he is playing a tree-hugger at Big Meadows.

Aidan frolics in the snow at Big Meadows.

When we first entered Shenandoah, we were greeted with this vista. There was a bit of snow here, but quite a lot more on the distant peak. Unfortunately the road was closed from here South, so we had to leave the park and navigate around the closures. Still, this was the very first chance Aidan ever had to play in the snow, and he loved it!

Mom and I took Aidan to the woods near Pine Grove Furnace in Pennsylvania for a campfire lunch, and of course to enjoy the scenery!

Here Aidan explores the forest isle campsite, searching for interesting items like acorns

Aidan runs about at Big Meadows in Shenandoah National Park. Exactly one week later (October 18th), this same scene was covered with a few inches of snow - photos coming soon!

Aidan has a shouting match with a lamp.

He's been getting a kick out of Autumn so far, though it hasn't quite made its way to Alexandria yet.

Aidan's adventures at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire! This year he was able to cover quite a bit more ground.

Welcome to Aidan's Fall Fashion shoot! Caitrin stripped off his "filthy" shirt, and he's been running about bare-chested ever since. When I realized that he can finally climb into our big round chair himself, I thought it was just the time for some posed photos!