His mama was excited to show off Aidan's new outfit. He was too - excited enough to throw up all over it! But we did get this picture just before.

A great meeting of minds - Aidan and his new cousin Conor Brown

Dreams of full bottles and clean diapers...?

Aidan's surrounded!

The wife and Aidan enjoying a sunset at Fox Meadow winery overlooking the Blue Ridge.

I had to get in on the action during this wonderful sunset too - the wife can't have all the fun!

I'm lucky to have such beauty in my life!

Hanging in a hammock, at Three Fox Winery in the Virginia foothills.

I think he weighs twice as much now as when he was born, but hauling him up Mt. Nittany was worth it!

He wouldn't wake up...

We're risking snakes for a grand sunset in the Shenandoah Valley.

Aidan, Uncle Doug, Aunt Paula (my mom's siblings), and I by the Potomac in Georgetown, DC.

Aidan's busy absorbing kisses.

He almost smiles on cue now, although it might take a LOT of coaxing.

An arm's length grab of one very large yawn.