This site is intended to keep my far-flung friends and family updated on my family's life, in a universal format. Besides this, it's a repository of my thoughts, interests, and especially my photography. I hope you enjoy it!

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There was a bit of web development in some of my later college classes, but my interest was renewed when facebook allowed, under an older format, the ability to use HTML to add custom content to one's profile page. I put in some of my favorite photos as wallpaper in the margins as well as an updates section. This function went away, but I soon signed up for a domain name and hosting with Google to showcase some of my adventures and points of interest in my favorite areas, especially in the DC Metro area. I felt that this was far less restrictive than facebook.

However, I soon found Google's service wasn't quite as flexible as I hoped, so I bought a new domain and moved it all to I can do pretty much whatever I want here, so there's a lot of potential.